Rainbow Story Submissions

What is a Rainbow Story?

A "Rainbow Story" is a story about you and your life. About your storms. About your quest for a rainbow of hope. And whether you've found your rainbow or not, your story matters. 
My true passion and the heart of my company lies in telling the stories of those who are weathering life's storms. Those who feel misunderstood. Those whose voices have been suppressed. Here at My Little Itch, we provide a safe space for everyone. We can hold your pain. We can hold your story. We see you. We love you. 

"My Rainbow Story" blog series by My Little Itch provides that safe space. The whole purpose of this blog is to tell your stories. Authentically and unapologetically. 

Share Your Story!

Share your story with us here for a chance to be featured and published on our blog series. I'll be sure to contact you with updates on when your story will go live!

What to Include

  • 3+ paragraphs telling your rainbow story
  • Any websites or social media links where those reading your story can find you and connect with you
  • To include pictures of yourself in the blog post please email them to me at rainbowstory@mylittleitch.com